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Sno Course Name Certificate Number
1 Data Science and Machine Learning with Python W158102
2 Photoshop Basics W16102
3 Angel Investment Guide W187102
4 Create Attractive LinkedIn Pages for Recommendations W201102
5 SEO on Google Search Engine W207102
6 Master Lookup Functions in Excel for Accounting and Bookkeeping W2102
7 Work From Home and Survive Online Entrepreneurship W27102
8 Assessments for Fraud Risks W327102
9 Human Resource Management W341102
10 Standards for Recognizing Revenue W435102
11 Accounting, ERP, or CRM System - Pre-Purchase Measures W438102
12 Build a Powerful Cover Letter W439102
13 Build a Powerful Resume or CV W440102
14 Visibility vs Promotability W446102
15 Exemption vs Non - Exemption W447102
16 Multi-Level Selling Solutions W451102
17 Tips on Workplace Communications W50102
18 Executive Speaking Skills W52102
19 Presentation Skills for Leading a Team W535102
20 Dwigbijoy test W585102
21 Proven Interview System to crack your dream job W78102
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