A fast and high impact Excel certification for working professionals. The Improve Excel Skills pathway program begins by building a rock solid foundation that you can use to create bulletproof recurring-use workbooks.

We dig into formula-based reports, and use functions like VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH, SUMIF, EOMONTH and more. In all, we cover over 25 worksheet functions. Then, we learn how to replace formula-based reports with PivotTables whenever possible. We wrap up by learning how to use the Get External Data command to retrieve data from external sources, and some basic data visualization features such as PivotCharts and Sparklines.



Operations and Business Management Expert
Founder: Accounting Advisors, Inc.
Financial Analyst


Completion of this pathway will entail learner to a Pathway Completion certificate, that will clearly demonstrate that the learner has completed all the learning requirements of the course. This attests that you have fulfilled the entire WIISE Pathway Program—an important distinction and an impressive addition to your CV, LinkedIn profile and more.