The project coordinator works alongside the project manager to track and dispense all of the information the various team members need to do their jobs effectively. The project coordinator is responsible for keeping the entire project running smoothly.

Project Coordinator is an excellent way to kick-start your career in project management. From project management basics to communication and meeting leadership, you'll learn how to keep project tasks and teams on track in the most efficient ways.



In this pathway you will learn all the skills required for becoming a Project coordinator.

  • Organize meetings, team celebrations
  • Arrange for meetings between team members, and between team members and clients
  • Record minutes at meetings
  • Keep detailed project notes and records
  • Develop project strategies
  • Create project schedules
  • Create task lists for team members
  • Monitor project progress, budget, hours, etc
  • Track and manage incoming paperwork
  • Keep all members of the team up-to-date with current information and paperwork
  • Communicate with team members to ensure optimal strategy and maximum efficiency




CEO - Media Training Worldwide
Personal Productivity Trainer
Leadership and Professional Development Trainer
Founder: Accounting Advisors, Inc.
Founder and CEO: Human Investment Advisory Inc.
Senior Healthcare Manager
Accounting Expert


Completion of this pathway will entail learner to a Pathway Completion certificate, that will clearly demonstrate that the learner has completed all the learning requirements of the course. This attests that you have fulfilled the entire WIISE Pathway Program—an important distinction and an impressive addition to your CV, LinkedIn profile and more.