Rajesh Daswani

Rajesh Daswani
Solutions Architect | Consultant | AWS Trainer

About Instructor

20+ years experience in IT as a Solutions Architect and Consultant, I have been pivotal in designing strategic IT solutions with a key focus on increasing productivity, efficiency and adopting OPEX strategies for investments in IT. I have helped clients adopt utility models for consumption of IT services, delivering IT infrastructure services, messaging and collaboration services, remote working solutions and disaster recovery/business continuity solutions. I have had to opportunity to work with MNCs in the US, UK and now in India. 

I now deliver online and corporate training on AWS and Cloud Computing, focusing on helping students and IT Professionals prepare for their AWS Certification Courses & Exams. My vision and goal is to build an online learning platform to meet the training demands of his fellow IT colleagues in the wide industry.


AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
This course will help you prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. This course allows youto gain…
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