Derek Good

Derek Good
Director at LearningPlanet

About Instructor

Hi, my name is Derek Good, one of the directors at LearningPlanet. I help to ensure people know where to find LearningPlanet, how to launch, produce new content and pretty much have a hand in everything else that goes on here but I do not make a good cup of tea, sorry! Originally from the UK, I moved to New Zealand in 2002 with my family and this has been my home ever since. Previously a director at Rapid Results – a leading training company, I still do some classroom training, facilitation and video production and a bit of acting on the side (you have heard of Shortland Street right?) Favourite saying: Good one!

I have spent the past 15 years working with businesses to help improve staff performance, engagement and productivity levels. I am co-owner of which is an online library of 1 minute and 10 minute videos aimed at improving Customer Service, Sales and Leadership skills.

Built the on-line learning part - contact in October 2004 through April 2005. Won National Innovation award for it in August 2005 - TUANZ innovation awards.

I previously co-owned Rapid Results Limited which provided classroom training and consulting. As companies are lacking budgets and time, more are looking at micro learning options which LearningPlanet helps to achieve.

Ran Tamlite Modular lighting for 8 years in the UK as General Manager and learned business acumen from tight business market, highly competitive field in all areas from purchasing, production, scheduling, sales, innovation, reporting, relationship building, staff leadership and excellent service ethic.

Specialties: Public speaking and facilitation. Liaising at all levels, negotiating contracts. Sales and marketing, e-commerce, setting up businesses, international negotiations with agreements and travel.


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