Carl Pullein

Carl Pullein
Personal Productivity Trainer

About Instructor

Carl runs his own communications company, Fandcorp English Solutions, specialising in international communication through presenting and writing as well as cultural training courses for all business people wishing to do business globally. He is also the founder and owner of Carl Pullein Personal Productivity, a consultancy helping people from around the world to become super productive, less stressed and to focus on the things that are important to them. He is a very passionate facilitator and has been working with students and professionals for a very long time now.

He write books, run a YouTube channel, write a blog, produce a podcast and speak around the world about all things related to time management, productivity and self-development. His goal is to help as many people as he can to learn the benefits of being organized and focused on the important things in their lives so they can live extraordinary lives.

He has helped thousands of people all over the world get better at time management and become more productive without losing sight of the things that are important in life such as family and friends and goals.

He has written 3 books on working with new technology so you can focus on the things you enjoy doing, including the popular Your Digital Life and Your Digital Life 2.0, he knows what it is like when you feel overwhelmed by the work and distractions.

His mission is to help you achieve your maximum potential.


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