V for Very powerful VLOOKUP

VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP are one of the most useful and important functions in Microsoft Excel. It is generally used to look up a particular value in huge data sheets where manual intervention can be cumbersome. The alphabet ‘V’ in VLOOKUP stands for “Vertical” and 'H' in HLOOKUP stands for "Horizontal". So this function is sometimes also called Vertical Lookup and Horizontal Lookup LOOKUP functions are amazing.

These powerful functions are used to go through rows and rows of data, searching for a specific value to display in a cell or to use in a formula. We use the LOOKUP function for one-dimensional tasks, such as a single row of data or single columns of data and there are two forms used by the LOOKUP function the first is a vector, In the vector LOOKUP function, we have three pieces of information or syntax that we need to give to Excel.

The LOOKUP value, the LOOKUP vector, and the result vector. So, the value where we want Excel to find that value and then the result vector is where Excel can expect to find the result. The array LOOKUP formula is quite different. With the array LOOKUP formula, we just give Excel the value and the array, and the array is a table of information. Now, just as a note, Microsoft recommends using HLOOKUP or VLOOKUP instead of the array function.

We find that H or VLOOKUP works better when you're looking through an array or a table of information.

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V for Very powerful VLOOKUP

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Published : May 25th 2018

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