Keyword List For Apple

The keyword list is a blueprint for SEO like a sitemap is on your website.

It outlines the keyword-targeted content that goes on your site, your URL structure, and it’s even used during link building. And if it’s not done right you don’t choose right keywords you will spend tons of time trying to “reoptimize” content or you just won’t get results. I will show you how to create an organized, well-researched keyword list so you can develop your content and URLs around those phrases – and have a better chance of ranking on page 1.

Now let’s create your keyword list and let's start With Your Targeted Location



Small town – Here there will be only some people and so there will be lower search volume. This means your keywords will be broad and you will likely have only 1 primary keyword in your list, which should be targeted on the homepage.



Go to and use google autocomplete to learn keywords that people are searching for. Type in your town name followed by any keywords describing what you offer. Try multiple variations (eg. lake bluff MacBook…) to see if there are any others. However, chances are you will only have 1 primary keyword which will be targeted on the homepage.

Large city – In addition we including broad phrases in your list, you should also include more specific phrases In Cities there will be more people so search volume should be bigger than a town.


Use the same strategies described above only in addition to the broad phrases, also look for the more specific phrases that are more relevant to your specific products/services…

National – You will have a larger pool of keywords to choose from, you need to do research on each keyword’s then you will come to know about their actual rank.


  • Write down ALL your products/services
  • Find very specific (long-tail) keywords for each product/service
       A keyword like “MacBook Pro laptop repair” is going to be very competitive since it’s a national phrase – and common sense tells us there’s going to be tons of websites trying to rank for this. But a keyword like “MacBook pro water damage repair” is going to be less competitive since it’s more specific. These are the type of keywords you want to target.
  • Assign keywords to each product/service
  • Filter out keywords that are too competitive. To do this, search each keyword in Google and look at the results. These indicators will tell you whether it’s too competitive.

Just because a keyword is too competitive doesn’t mean you shouldn’t include it in your keyword list.

Keyword List For Apple

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Published : Jun 2nd 2018

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