Comparative Study on Ind AS 36 & Ind AS 16

According to IAS-36 impairment of assets, an impairment loss is an amount by which the carrying amount of an asset or a cash-generating unit exceeds its recoverable amount. The concept of impairment of assets applies to all assets excluding assets arising from construction contracts.

It can be sometimes quite difficult to determine the measure of value which should be used which assessing an impairment. The most common options include current market value, current cost, NRV (net realizable value, or the sum of future net cash flows from the income producing unit. The detailed guidance on accounting for impairment of assets is little, like when to recognize impairment, how to measure impairment, and how to disclose impairment.

The study is based on secondary data on impairment of assets. The data is collected from online resources including

  • Money control website
  • Company annual reports
  • NSE, BSE Websites
  • Many other books, publications, reports and articles


Comparative Study on Ind AS 36…


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Published : Jul 23rd 2018