Apartment SEO Keywords

Building Keyword List For Better Apartment SEO List:

While building your keyword list for your property think about where should you start? What kinds of phrases should you include? Well, start with the most obvious one's terms connected to your property name.

These are your branded keywords terms that include your brand name.

Branded Keyword Examples:

  • Property Name
  • [Property Name] reviews
  • [Property Name] pricing
  • [Property Name] ratings
  • [Property Name] photo
  • [Property Name] specials
  • [Property Name] hours
  • [Property Name] [City Name]
  • [Property Name] address

If you are not sure what to include, start typing the name of your property into Google.com, and It will automatically suggests in the auto-complete drop-down and you can see like this.


Check the Searches related to your topic at the bottom of the page, too. These are most common searches by many other people, so you can add them to your list.


You should be able to come up with a solid list of branded keywords for your property in just a few minutes.

It should be easy to find you by name.

Sometimes we hear that the best apartment SEO should focus on these terms — the property and its “brand name”.I think this is terrible.

Here is the reason, If your website has a relevant domain name, structured correctly, and has even a minimum level of relevant information about your property like photos, floor plans, address, contact info, etc. then you should be ranking well for your brand name, even without a lot of other proactive SEO efforts happening. And if you’re not, that’s probably more indicative of an issue with your website than it is your SEO.

 You need these keywords as a starting point, but your next step is to start reaching beyond the people who already know you.

Apartment SEO Keywords

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Published : Jun 2nd 2018

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