Adobe InDesign CC - a complete introduction

Everything you need for creating professional page layouts

If you want to learn about Adobe InDesign CC, this course will take you from being a total beginner to someone who can work professionally in a commercial graphics studio, or as a freelance graphic designer, faster than you thought possible. ?It's aimed at everyone who wants to learn Adobe InDesign but right now has no experience with it. It's also for people who have some experience but want to expand their understanding so that they can make documents look exactly how they want. It will show you the right way to do things, and how to deconstruct any project into 4 main areas: colour, type, text wrap and images. Once you know how to deal with these, you can create just about any page you want – no matter how complex. You'll also learn how to add page numbers, use master pages and layers, drop caps and 'nested' styles, and lots more – and finally how to output your work as a PDF, either low-resolution RGB for a website, or high resolution CMYK for hand-off to a commercial printer.'s fun. InDesign is great!?

Adobe InDesign CC - a complete…

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Published : Aug 11th 2018