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Minimise the Lead Time in Sales Cycle with Persuasion

Maura Schreier-Fleming

If you are new to sales and you are eager to learn the tips and tricks that help you to be more efficient, you have stopped…

  01:06:19           7 lessons


Preparing the Sales Processes

Rami Eldokany

The sale of any company has many complex processes from initially launching a sale process through reaching the required…

  00:52:31           10 lessons


Increased Sales in a Crowded Market

Barbara Saunders

This course will help you to understand the right technique to communicate the value of your product to increase the…

  01:02:50           11 lessons


Social Selling and Personal Branding

Ayman van Bregt

If you are looking forward to sell yourself more effectively then, this course will guide you to work on it the right…

  00:35:47           7 lessons


Simple and Effective Sales Calls

Alice Heiman

Need to expand your deals by at least 20%? You can with the correct deals call arranging and arrangement.


  00:39:08           8 lessons

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