White labelling

WIISE for Business allows you to whitelabel the platform so that the portal look, feel and functionality to reflect your brand's identity and provide your learners with a learning experience tailored to their needs.

Branded Platform

Your Brand logo appears on the login splash screen page. Your Brand logo also appears on the Main learner portal.

Custom URL

You will be provided with mysite.wiise.co as a custom URL for your business MySite. This will be created by the WIISE administrator when they setup your account.

You can map mysite.wiise.co -> elearning.mysite.com

You must create a proper CNAME DNS record on your own domain for the mapping to be effective. A CNAME, or Canonical Name record is an entry within the Domain Name System (DNS) that specifies where a user can find your web pages or any other URL. You’ll use the CNAME to associate your custom domain with your WIISE domain. Each hosting service has slightly different ways to create CNAME records. You need to have access to an administrator in order to map your domain; otherwise, you need the help of your administrator to complete this task.

When creating the CNAME, use the domain name that you want to map (e.g, lms.mydomain.com) on the NAME field and the domain of your WIISE portal (e.g, mylms.wiise.co) on the DATA field.

(Note that depending on your DNS hosting provider, you may just have to insert lms on the NAME field instead of lms.mydomain.com)

Visually, let's describe it this way:
CNAME lms.mydomain.com -> mylms.wiise.co
CNAME *.lms.mydomain.com -> mylms.wiise.co

Custom Content

You will be able to create your own Course content - video, audio podcast, text based - all of this you can use your own logos, branded materials to develop them.

Remove Powered by WIISE

You can request us to remove the “Powered by WIISE” text. This feature may fetch additional commercials.

Coming soon

We have following features in the pipeline that will improve the White-labelling experience for you.

  • Theme - you will be able to adjust the look-feel to certain extent with your brand colours. You can customise your web portal with additional pages About us etc
  • Custom notifications & emails - all notifications and emails generated will have your brand & logo.
  • Custom certificates - you will be able to design your own branded certificates for the course completion.
  • Branded App - this is a custom development requirement, if you require a branded app, we can develop the same with a commercial engagement.

Partnership Enquiries

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Media Enquiries

We’re always happy to talk to members of the media. Email us at hello@wiise.co

Courseware Providers

We are constantly looking for world-class courseware providers. Partner with us and we shall promote your courseware to global markets. Email us at hello@wiise.co


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