Learning Management System for Continuing Professional Education

About Instructor

For millions of corporate professionals, getting top quality professional development with continuing education credit is an expensive and time-consuming struggle, typically with little support from their company beyond reimbursement. With Illumeo, companies can offer world-class learning that brings over two dozen types of CPE (Continuing Professional Education) credit, covering a wide variety of accounting, finance, HR and other certified corporate professionals. Illumeo's instructors are respected senior practitioners in their fields, and they build top quality courses accessible through the cloud-based Illumeo platform on any connected device. Illumeo helps corporate HR/L&D professionals serve their employees and, critically, bring their learning onto corporate systems where their efforts can be measured and reported, while at the same time offering significant cost savings through improved visibility and control over this spend. Incorporated in 2009 and based in Silicon Valley, CA. The platform is used at some of the largest companies in the world, serving thousands of corporations and corporate professionals. Better content. Better visibility. Enterprise scalability. Lower cost. Illumeo is the LMS for CPE.


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