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Stepp Sydnor
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Stepp Stevens Sydnor is a trusted sales and business leadership expert. Stepp is an advisor, author and crowd-pleasing speaker. Over the past sixteen years, Stepps training solutions has helped companies stay ahead of their competition by re-thinking, measuring and improving their personal best. Highly engaging, Stepp’s interactive presentations help participants change their belief systems to reach higher sales and leadership goals in white-hot competitive markets. (see testimonials below)

Stepp is the founder of Stepp Sydnor Training Solutions, a business consulting firm based in Rockwall, Texas. Along with his seminar series, he has authored numerous articles on improving sales, leadership and relationship skills. He is also the author of Survive or Thrive? Creating the Life You Want Out of the Life You Have, this book and workbook is an inspirational guide to navigating life’s turnarounds.

Stepp brings over 30 years of consulting and corporate experience to his speaking and writing engagements. Clients range from best-in-class consulting companies for financial, technology, manufacturing and consulting industries i.e. McKinsey Consulting to such high-profile public-sector organizations as First Bank, Prosperity Bank, Grand Bank Dallas, Kelly Community Federal Credit Union, Time Warner Cable, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Cox Communications, UT Health Center, Hood Packaging USA, Comcast Cable, Computerland, and Sam’s Club look to Stepp to help improve communication, cooperation, commitment and revenue performance. Stepp’s proven tools, fresh tips and best practices, gleaned from real-world situations, help seminar participants “get the cure” for lackluster performance—to build a renewed work culture and dynamic sales team that can thrive in any market.

He has authored and developed several seminars including:

1. The Power of Communication, Cooperation, and Commitment – Team building and understanding how three learned behaviors are affecting personal and company performance.
2. Coaching Style Leadership – Understanding the difference between traditional leadership and coaching leadership styles.
3. Smart Sales Management – Proactive sales management and processes.
4. Smart Prospecting and Networking.
5. Smart Selling Outside Sales and Inside Sales.
6. 2MeetingClose - Sales Meeting Mastery Program

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