Rene Kamstra

Rene Kamstra
Professional Trainer and Coach

About Instructor

Rene has worked with over a hundred CFOs in diverse industries, teaching them how to tap into their distinct personality advantages to drive revenue and results. Her work is based on empirical evidence that creates position.

Rene is among the world’s top female speakers and business coaches focusing on personal and corporate growth for entrepreneurs and corporate executives.

As an internationally recognized communication expert, Rene is skilled at teaching people to personalize their way of communicating to work most effectively with each personality type.

As a successful business woman, Rene has run multiple businesses, consulted and coached thousands of corporate executives and entrepreneurs. She has delivered executive-level training in sales based on her unique sales method.

Rene is a member of the National Speakers Association and the National Speakers Bureau. She is constantly in demand for keynote speaking engagements.

Business leaders and entrepreneurs from all over the world have attended Rene's keynotes to discover her unique perspective on how to grow and scale a business using their individual personalities and listening skills.

Rene also earned an Emmy for her TV performance in a gospel singing group with Aretha Franklin and Cissy Houston.

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