Rebecca Okamoto

Rebecca Okamoto
Professional Coach

About Instructor

Rebecca is a communication consultant, and helps professionals master clear, concise communication.

She shows people how to turn their everyday communication into a competitive advantage and be more effective in today's overloaded, multi-tasking and attention deficit world. Every day she helps people with something to say, who struggle to say it.

Rebecca offers fast, practical communication training that works with any level of the organization. Imagine introducing yourself perfectly in 20 words or less. Giving a perfect elevator pitch in as few as 15 seconds. Or telling a compelling story that motivates a listener to action.

Through her company, Evoke Strategy Group, Rebecca offers a variety of training and formats including in-person workshops, 1-2 day bootcamps, and webinar style training for remote training. She also has programs that work with new employees, ERG’s and multi-cultural audiences.

Evoke’s clients have included: McKesson, Medtronic, Astellas, P&G, and Sunny Dr. Professional network clients have included Network of Executive Women, multiple chapters of National Association of Asian American Professionals, and ACEL Phoenix.

Specialties: Startups, Supply Chain, Strategy Development, Operations Management, ERP, MRP, Manufacturing, Customer, Logistics, Distribution, Brand Protection, Anti-counterfeiting, Anti-diversion, Organization Design, Personal Coaching, Personal Branding, Career Advancement.

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