Norman Katz

Norman Katz
SCM and Operations Specialist

About Instructor

Expert in supply chain technology, ERP, EDI and business operations. Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified Fraud Specialist (CFS), Certified Controls Specialist (CCS), and certified in Corporate Governance.

He is often told he is unlike any technical person his clients have ever encountered as he straddles both software and operations equally, merging and bridging the two to the benefit of the business. His perspective is simultaneously both the detail and the whole, the tactical and the strategic, the data and the information, as he envisions end-to-end problem solving and the potential ramifications of actions taken and the repercussions of in-actions not taken.

His focus is what benefits his customers and their internal and external business relationships first and foremost.

He is a strategic asset to any organization that gives him the opportunity to help make them more efficient, effective, and competitive.

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Supply Chain: Internal Audits
The production network incorporates the development of crude materials, parts, completed merchandise, reports, cash,…
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