Mark Richards

Mark Richards
Finance and Operations Specialist

About Instructor

Financial and Operational professional heavily focused on growth initiatives and revenue generation. Experience includes Fortune 100, 500, global privately held, joint-venture (U.S. & European), venture backed and pure start-ups (read: three guys, one room, IKEA furniture).

I have been extremely fortunate to have U.S. and international experience - having been to 15 countries and 140+ cities for work with clients, sales, account management and operations. I have created 300+ business plans for acquisitions, reorganizations, new products, new territories/clients and entire businesses - gathering over $400MM in investments. The opportunities to work outside of finance has allowed me to take roles in business development (start-up) and marketing (SAP).

Most importantly, I have had the chance to work with an amazing set of colleagues from around the world and in virtually every department imaginable - which has vastly expanded my capabilities and knowledge.

Have been on the Advisory board of Proformative since 2009 and have enjoyed watching the depth and breadth of sharing between members of our finance community.

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