Lynn Fountain

Lynn Fountain
Consultant and Audit Executive

About Instructor

Lynn has over 30 years of experience in the business profession, which includes public and industry accounting and over 20 years within internal and external auditing combined.

She is a recognized trainer and speaker and also a published author. She is a subject matter expert and specializes in Internal Audit, Sarbanes-Oxley, Enterprise Risk Management, Fraud, Governance and Compliance.

Ms. Fountain has held two Chief Audit Executive positions for international companies. She currently performs consulting for companies on internal audit, risk management, internal controls, financial reporting and accounting along with performing training.

Ms. Fountain has authored a publication for the Institute of Internal Auditors Research Foundation (IIARF) titled "Raise the Red Flag – The Internal Auditors Guide to Fraud Evaluations". The publication will be released April 20, 2015. In addition, she is authoring a publication for Auerbach on "The Realities of performing the Chief Audit Executive Role". The publication will be released in Fall 2015. In addition, she has performed as an adjunct instructor for the School of Business for Grantham University and the School of Business at the University of Kansas.

Specialties: Internal Audit, Sarbanes-Oxley, Governance, Ethics, Fraud, Compliance, Board Reporting; Enterprise Risk Management, Leadership, Strategy, XBRL

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