Julie Hansen

Julie Hansen
Sales Presentor

About Instructor

Julie helps sales professionals craft and deliver winning sales presentations and demos that stand out from the competition, resonate with today's busy decision makers and speed up the sales cycle.

Many salespeople have learned some good presentation basics. But there’s often a big gap between knowing and doing. For most sales teams, it’s not enough to have “good eye contact” and “avoid reading from your slides.” She takes your team to the next level, because that’s where the competition is headed – if they’re not there already!

She is the author of two sales books, ACT Like a Sales Pro! and Sales Presentations for Dummies. Her Acting for Sales blog, has been named a “Top 50 Sales & Marketing Blog” for the past 4 years.

Specialties: Sales training, sales enablement, sales presentation skills, demonstration skills, web presentations, coaching, storytelling, acting skills and sales, keynote speaker, technical sales training, B2B sales training

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