Donna Hamlin

Donna Hamlin
CEO: Boardwise Inc.

About Instructor

Donna Hamlin, Ph.D., is CEO of Boardwise, Inc., a global company providing governance services, including board facilitation, annual board evaluations, education, research and assessment of board directors. She is also a founder and board chair of Hamlin Harkins, Ltd., a 34-year-old global management consultancy providing services in strategy, business development and performance improvement to executive teams across diverse industries.

Donna helps board directors and executives discover and develop personal competencies which ensure sustainable success for themselves and their organizations. At the board and executive level, she supports development of responsible, strategic and ethical leaders and high performing boards. She is certified by Harvard University and the National Association of Corporate Directors in the U.S. A published author, she writes management articles in the area of human performance and change management.

Donna currently serves on the private company boards of CoreBrand, LLC., Boardwise., Paramit Corporation, the Themyscira Institute, Hamlin Harkins Ltd., and on the board of the non-profit San Jose Stage Company. She previously served on the board of Interhealth USA, and the compensation committees for publicly listed companies, Trident Microsystems and Asyst Technologies.

Formerly, as founder of Hamlin Harkins, Ltd., Donna developed a successful track record in strategy, change management and human performance management, serving clients from Fortune 500 global enterprises to start-up companies in more than 30 countries. She previously served as global vice-president of human resources and administration for Trident Microsystems, Inc.; as senior vice president of strategic change, executive planning and leadership development for CitiGroup’s Associates First Capital Corporation; and as vice president for human and organizational performance for Texaco, Inc.

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