Carlann Fergusson

Carlann Fergusson
Professional Executive Coach

About Instructor

Carlann Fergusson has been a coach, consultant and trainer to executives across the globe for over two decades. Her expertise is in building strong strategic skills and creating lasting behavioral change. She has guided high potentials to their next levels, turned around leaders who "leave dead bodies in their wake," guided analytic CEOs who were struggling to create a compelling vision, and has helped hundreds of executives improve their interactions and business outcomes. Her astounding results can be credited to a blend of behavioral coaching, strategic mentoring and years of experience in corporate executive leadership.

Carlann has over a quarter of a century in leadership with companies such as Intel, Visteon, Press Ganey and Meijer. Over the course of her career she oversaw global talent and organizational development, conducted corporate strategic planning, led major organizational change initiatives, and oversaw a 700-person manufacturing operation. Carlann's teams were awarded the highest company awards including two Intel Quality Awards, Press Ganey’s Innovation Award and Visteon's Summit Award Finalist.

Known as "the high-potential expert," Carlann has facilitated the selection and development of hundreds of promotional and succession candidates. She regularly speaks at major conferences and company events on the topics of executive and leadership success and is currently working on a book entitled Next in Line: Insider Secrets to Getting Promoted in Leadership. She has been cited in CBS MoneyWatch, International Business Times, Newsday, and The Boston Globe.

She is proud to serve as an adjunct faculty for Northwestern University’s Leadership Certificate Program, and as a consultnat with Florida Institue of Technology assisting organizations with large scale global change. Her formal education includes a Masters in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and a Bachelors of Science in Psychology.

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