Bob Carstens

Bob Carstens
Start-up Enthusiast

About Instructor

Bob Carstens spent most of his career in a highly competitive Fortune 50 company. Bob started several new technical businesses and quickly gained a passion for building companies.

Bob left the corporate world to pursue his passion for working with start-ups, small, and medium size businesses. In doing so, Bob quickly learned that the CEOs of these types of companies struggled to understand their financial performance. Bob realized that small businesses could save money and at the same time understand their financial performance if they simply had a platform to show their financial metrics and trends.

After several starts and restarts Bob formed FinancialSoft and the Profit Guard Service with the help of his partners Jack Lance and Kent Carstens. Bob took his understanding of measuring company metrics and developed the Profit Guard Service with their Partner, Profit Mastery. Profit Guard takes a company’s QuickBooks file and turns them into graphics that quickly identify how a company is performing against their industry peers showing cash and profit loss opportunities.

Specialties: Business Advisor - Business Coach - Mergers & Acquisitions - Funding & Investing - Start-ups - 6-sigma Quality - Due Diligence - Business Plans

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