Bernadette McClelland

Bernadette McClelland
Speaker, Author and Facilitator

About Instructor

Bernadette McClelland, Australasia's leading speaker, author, facilitator and mentor on Peak Performance for Small and Mid Businesses through the Art, Science and Psychology of Sales, also founded Sales Leaders Global Pty Ltd, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. She asks her potential clients:

What is the one chokehold you have in your business, that by addressing it in a sustainable manner, will enable you to attract, engage and retain even more clients, creating a win for them and a win for you?

Once you have identified that gap, ask yourself, 'is it a process issue or is it a people issue'?

Sales Leaders Global partners with those companies who understand that aligning their people to the necessary leadership skills, will radically create a spike in purpose driven work and increased profits. That is because sustainable change cannot be created at a process level, it can only occur when people shift the way they think about their role, their responsibility, their relevance and their results.

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