Web Development for Beginners I

Technology - Rob Percival

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80 Lessons ( 12h 15m )

This course will help you learn the fundamentals. It is aimed at complete beginners. You can expect to learn few tips to work quickly and efficiently with technologies like HTML, CSS, and Python. This is course is divided into three parts for your convenience. Finish all the three parts to learn the fundamentals of all the Web Development technologies.

Do not miss the next parts of this course is "Web Development for Beginners II & III".


Learning objectives

  • Build websites and web apps
  • Build HTML-based mobile apps
  • Get a job as a junior web developer
  • Bid for projects on freelance websites
  • Start their own online business
  • Be a comfortable front-end developer
  • Be proficient with databases and server-side languages


Career Opportunities

The increasing popularity of the web has generated thousands of job opportunities for competent professionals in the field of web development.

Check out the Web Development jobs here, https://www.naukri.com/web-development-jobs

What will you Cover?

  •   Introduction To Getting Started Section 00:00:36
  •   How to Get All the Free Stuff 00:02:31
  •   Getting Started On Windows 00:04:38
  •   Getting Started On A Mac 00:03:24
  •   How To Ask Great Questions 00:02:21

Project Description:

You can make any simple HTML page you like, just include all the things you learned following the videos.

You can make any simple HTML page you like but with CSS this time, just include all the things you learned following the videos.

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Rob Percival

Corporate Trainer and Coach

Rob holds a degree in Mathematics from Cambridge. After building websites for friends and family for…

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