Persuasion and Negotiation in Workplace

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In the working environment, the transaction happens all the time. Here and there it is a basic assumption between two individuals and under different circumstances, entire divisions get into contentions with each other that must be settled.

Effective transaction in the working environment ought to get commonly consented to results and upgrade the connections between the people/bunches included. It should bring about a win/win for all – in addition to for the organization, its partners and investors.

Subsequently, influence, not orders, are the way in which the best of arrangement happens.

This course investigates zones and kinds of arrangement usually experienced in a business setting. We take a gander at the procedures for both negative and positive types of transaction and figure out how to consult in a positive and effective way for all included. At last, we will end with some accepted procedures tips.

Regardless of whether a CFO, bookkeeper or records receivable agent, this workshop will enable you to improve your abilities in working agreeably and effectively with others.



Learning Objectives:

  • Explore areas and types of negotiation commonly encountered
  • Identify strategies to get people to help you
  • Discover how to get to the real needs and values in negotiation
  • Identify BATNA (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement)
  • Explore how to enhance your skills in working cooperatively and successfully with others

What will you Cover?

  •   Introduction 00:06:20
Project not defined for this course


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