Cyber Security - Level 2

Technology - Nathan House

We all live in a world which is networked together, from internet banking to government infrastructure, and thus, network protection is no longer an optional extra. Cyber-attack is now an international concern, as high-profile breaches have given many concerns that hacks and other security attacks could endanger the global economy. Through this course, you can become an expert in the cybersecurity by understanding the basics, You'll be also learning how to set up a test environment using Virtual Machines, Bugs & Vulnerabilities. This is the second level in the Cyber Security Course. Learn how to create the environment ready for testing to security bugs, vulnerabilities, and threats at this level.



Learning objectives:

  • An advanced practical skillset in defeating all online threats - advanced hackers, trackers, malware and all Internet nastiness including mitigating government spying and mass surveillance.
  • Become a cybersecurity specialist.
  • The very latest up-to-date information and methods.
  • We cover operating system security, privacy, and patching - On Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, MacOS and Linux.
  • Explore the threat landscape - Darknets, dark markets, zero-day vulnerabilities, exploit kits, malware, phishing and much more.
  • You will master encryption in an easy to follow the crash course.
  • Go in-depth into security through physical and virtual isolation and compartmentalization. Covering sandboxes, application isolation, virtual machines, Whonix and Qubes OS.
  • You will learn about nation-state secret tracking and hacking infrastructure.
  • A certificate of completion is available signed by the instructor Nathan House so CPE credits can be claimed. An off-site sign-up is required to provide your details for this optional certificate.

What will you Cover?

  •   Objectives - Testing Environment Using Virtual Machines 00:00:27
  •   Introduction 00:10:08
  •   Test Environment VMware 00:10:55
  •   Test Environment Virtual Box 00:12:03
  •   Kali Linux 2-1 00:02:50
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Nathan House

Cyber Security Expert

Nathan has more than 25 years of experience in Cyber Security. He is an entrepreneur and has been advising…

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