Classic Studio Portrait Photography

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Not all pictures you take turn out good?. The reason could be that you did not use the correct technique. To click a classic portrait picture at your own studio and make sure they are come out best in the first click requires a certain level of preparation, technique, and practice. Learn how to click the best Classic Portraits through this course.



Learning Objectives:

  • Access Your Built-In Ability To See Creatively
  • Create Simple Yet Powerful Compositions
  • Master The Visual Language Of Photography
  • Master The Creative Photography Process
  • Master The Art Of Portrait Photography
  • Take A Picture That Impresses With Any Camera
  • Understand How Light Works And Its Importance In Photography
  • Take Great Color Images
  • Take Great Black And White Images
  • Take Images Using Some Very Advanced Photography Composition Techniques
  • Take Powerful Portraits Using Just Natural Light
  • Understand How To Set Up A Home Based Portrait Studio On A Budget
  • Master The Classic Studio Lighting Techniques Used In Studio Photography
  • Take Beautiful Portraits Using Flashes And Strobes In A Modern Studio Setting

What will you Cover?

  •   Introduction to Classic Studio Portrait Photography 0:01:19
  •   Open Loop Lighting 0:05:25
  •   Closed Loop Lighting 0:04:43
  •   Butterfly Lighting 0:05:56
  •   Split Lighting 0:05:56
  •   Short Lighting 0:03:45
  •   Broad Lighting 0:03:25
  •   Rembrandt Lighting 0:07:19
  •   Studio Backdrops 0:03:23
  •   Preparing The Subject 0:05:57
  •   Choosing The Facial Angle 0:07:03

Project Description:

Activities are available in the last lesson. Creating a project will help you gain knowledge because you will have to apply the knowledge that you have learned practically.


Classic Studio Portrait Photography-Zip File - Download - 30 MB


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