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Overview of Insurance Fraud

Barry Zalma

This course clarifies the certainties of protection misrepresentation, the components of the tort of protection extortion,…

1h 7m            11 lessons           9,722 Views


Commercial Liability: Insurance Expert

Barry Zalma

An entire course of study giving instruction and preparing to permit the understudy, to figure out how to manage the…

50m            10 lessons           8,490 Views


Finance Heads Managing Change

Blair Cook

In this course, we take a gander at the corporate change from all points of view.

To begin with, you figure out…

57m            9 lessons           8,497 Views


Cost Accounting - Overheads

N Raja

Managing expenses are a key to business success, and overhead costs play a pivotal role in realizing favorable profit…

2h 29m            18 lessons           13,425 Views


Corporate Insurance: Injury and Property Damage

Barry Zalma

This is an entire course of study giving instruction and preparing to empower the understudy to figure out how to manage…

58m            13 lessons           10,911 Views

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